Helping clients thrive and succeed in a captive insurance environment is our fuel. Seeing a client change their business culture as a result of their captive benchmarking has been extremely rewarding. Contact us to see if a captive option is right for your firm.

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CIC's team has over 100 years of combined experience. Each team member has brought their own prospective of expertise and commitment to help our clients succeed. Managing the 3 C's (Cost - Coverage - Certificates) is always the game plan.

At CIC our client focus is very simple

  1. Growing our member base by identifying the "best in class"
  2. Helping clients protect their company and manage their risk
  3. Helping clients by keeping as much of the underwriting profits and driving down their insurance costs

Our Broker alliance focus is very simple

  1. Helping brokers introduce captives to their clients
  2. Helping brokers double the income
  3. Helping brokers navigate the captive space


Meet John Hislop
President / Founder | 25 Years Insurance Experience

John Hislop is founder and President of Captive Insurance Consulting. John grew up in eastern North Carolina where he played golf for UNCC and received a degree in Psychology. The combination of John’s love of travel and his dedication to helping his business clients led him to Captive Resources Inc. CRI is an independent consulting firm out of Chicago that manages more captive premium than anyone in the world. Raynor Co Group was the first client John placed with CRI in 2006, and they continue to capitalize on this relationship. Over the years, John has strategically placed clients in 30 specific groups with CRI. March of 2016 marks John’s 20th year in the insurance industry.

Mary Lou Scolaro

Support Team Member

48 years of insurance experience – support team member. Has been with the CIC team since 2016.

Laura Bair

Captive Compliance Officer

Day to day accounting and Captive Board meeting social director.

Manny Padilla

Director of Loss Control

Manny spent 4 years in the Navy as a “Training Petty Officer” specializing as a machinist and overall safety director.
After his military career he became an environmental and safety compliance officer for US Sugar.   Manny is certified to teach OSHA 10&30  for general and construction.


At Captive Insurance Consulting, we have been providing quality service and expert guidance to successful companies since 2006. Our staff guides clients through the process of incorporating risk management techniques, allowing them to take on more calculated risk and become self-insured. This lowers their bottom line costs by turning their insurance premiums into an investment.


A captive insurance company is an insurance provider that is owned and operated by the companies that it insures. Because these carriers like AIG/Zurich/CNA are insuring only a limited amount of risk, premium costs are far more predictable. We have also found that companies having trouble getting insurance at any price due to the high-risk services they provide, such as roofing or tree trimming, are able to insure themselves through a captive. A company like this with the safety controls in place might find a much better program through a captive.


Our office has more than 80 years of combined experience handling the needs of “best in class” businesses. The CIC staff guides clients through the captive approval process one client at a time. By allowing clients to take on more calculated risk and become an insurance owner these captive members can lower their bottom line costs by turning their insurance premiums into an investment.


We trust our partners to help your company build its own powerful alliances. CIC places tremendous value our own partnerships with some of the top firms in the United States. Their commitment to service and excellence matches our own, allowing us to offer our clients truly comprehensive insurance solutions.